Our Story

Photo Credit: Aspen Historical Society

Our story…

Our story begins in 1997, day-tripping up the Roaring Fork Valley to ski Aspen Highlands, when the base “village” consisted of a series of A-frame buildings and a gravel parking lot. The trip to Aspen Highlands from Basalt is about 30 minutes. But when that drive is in an old International Scout, or occasionally a VW bus, neither of which had reliable heat, it always left my boots cold before I geared up for the day. After suffering through a couple of seasons like this I put water bottles filled with hot water into my ski boots. While it helped curb the chill, only the cuffs of my boots were warm, and my toes were still cold. Still needing to get heat to the toe box –the idea of Toe Toasters was born. As our kids grew and started ski school, Toe Toasters evolved into the seed-filled sock we offer now. Developed, tested and sized to fit a wide variety of footwear (from ski and snowboard boots, to ice skates, hiking boots and more) Toe Toasters will warm all of your favorite winter (and non-winter) footwear. Start every activity not just on the right foot, but with a warm one. Never put on another cold boot or shoe again. Here’s a TOAST(er) to you!